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About Us

     The group of companies known as Technology Alliance is one of the leading producers and suppliers of cleaning equipment and chemical products in the Belarus. Our parent company was established in 2000. Since then we have remained committed to our chosen method and have concentrated on the following activities:

  • Selling cleaning equipment 
  • Selling consumer materials for cleaning and disinfection
  • Selling accumulators and auxiliaries of our own design
  • Technical maintenance and servicing
  • Designing individual solutions to help organise cleaning in various different fields of business.

Today we, as a chemical products and equipment supplier, offer more than just goods for professional cleaning. We share our experience and best practice so that you do not have to waste your money. Believe us, we have already done it for others like you.

Our clients are shops, supermarkets, large retail chains , factories, hospitals, hotels , offices , auto shops , garages , filling stations in Belarus.

We have organised our work in such a way so that:

1. Sales managers visit cleaning exhibitions all over the world, looking for new producers, interesting solutions and creations. We are in touch with all the high-quality producers of technology in Europe, America and Asia.

2. Having learned about the range of goods offered by the producers, we buy the majority of them in order to test them: 

  • In our own laboratory
  • Within the network of our partners, consisting of more than 100 supermarkets of the Europe
  • Together with our cleaning partner company in the Europe with 500-men staff, providing services to more than 150 facilities

 3.As a result we offer you only equipment and chemical products that:

  • Have successfully passed the tests
  • Have proven they are in accordance with the formula “price/quality”
  • Have been used by our network of partners for a long time

4. We control the quality of the service using our own IT system.

5. We also help you to analyse performance indicators (expenditure on cleaning products, personnel loading, quality of cleaning) – and to optimise the cleaning process in your company.

The results that we help you to achieve are really very important for us. That’s why we are open to communication and are ready to answer any questions