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     Tried-and-tested partnerships make up one of the key components of our business. Working directly with the producers of cleaning equipment and products, we provide our clients with favourable prices and a reliable maintenance service.

In turn, working with us allows our partners to develop their own client network and succeed in new regions.

CALIPSE is a producer of professional cleaning equipment: vacuum cleaners, floor cleaning and sweeping machines. Today we are the only official partner which works with CALIPSE in all capacities.

BELTEX is a company producing professional cleaning products from their factory in Sweden. Today BELTEX produces chemical and cleaning products using our new technology.

A world-renowned German producer of cleaning, public cleansing and municipal vehicles. HAKO has been associated with high-quality products for indoor and outdoor cleaning since the 1950s.

This Swiss company is a producer of professional cleaning equipment. Every day since its foundation in 1976, Cleanfix has lived up to the motto: “Made in Switzerland” – a byword for accuracy, quality and uninterrupted industry.


“Smart” equipment and innovations are the key to how Taski creates trends in the industry of cleaning equipment production. The professional companies of the world have been using its products for more than 50 years. Today Taski equipment is also available in Belarus.

This company, established in 1886, ranks among the world leading producers of cleaning products. Diversey offers a wide range of goods, consisting of anything that could be necessary for keeping your premises clean. Their products range from cleaning equipment to detergents and auxiliaries. 

Diversey products are sold in 175 countries around the world. In Belarus, you can buy them from us.


A world-renowned producer of cleaning and disinfectant products. Ecolab products – which range from washing-up liquid to disinfectants used in operating rooms – are recommended to any companies for which purity and hygiene are important.

This Finnish company is a producer of professional detergents and disinfectants, as well as cleaning products. The Kiilto range of goods includes specialised chemical products for the food industry, medical establishments and agricultural sector.