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     The work of the companies which are part of Technology Alliance is carried out in accordance with clear domestic and international standards. Thus we comply with standard ISO 9001:2000, which ensures full control and optimization of processes within companies.

In order to provide high-quality sales, service and cleaning, we have developed our own programmes:

• A system for complete monitoring of the facility

• Control system of maintenance service                    

Both systems are used throughout all of the enterprises of the group of companies that make up Technology Alliance, and they have proved to be both convenient and effective. Today we are ready to offer our clients system installation.

The monitoring system of the facility

The programme for the complete monitoring of the facility tracks the following:

• In relation to the staff: the time of the arrival and departure of staff to and from the facility

• In relation to the equipment: the number of hours worked

• In relation to the means: the quantity of liquids, powders and materials used

The administrator of the system is able to monitor and control all the facilities online. So, initially, the performance standards and employees’ working schedules are entered into the system. And as soon as some deviation from the norm is detected, the programme will report it.

Using the monitoring system means that:

Deviation from work is eliminated

• There is a simplified control system to ensure the honest performance of work by every employee

• As a result – the quality of works improves

By collecting and analysing data, the program helps you to maintain the cleanliness of the facility and enables you to objectively evaluate the work of your employees.

Maintenance service control system

The programme for service requests control allows you to respond to customer orders very quickly. No requests are "lost" and, none will be left unattended!

With access to the system an operator and a manager:

• Can always see where the master is in real-time mode

• Can send the closest employee to the facility when there is a request for service

During this process, the programme monitors and records the following:

• The time when work starts and ends

• Way time

• Parts replaced

When the work has been carried out, the client will receive a message that their application is complete.

In addition, at the end of the month we provide you with a full report about the work done on each facility. After analysing this data, we can give recommendations about how to improve the efficiency of your business.

Are you intending to keep cleaning services under control for a long time? Please contact our office in Minsk and we will help you to optimise the management and monitoring of your facilities.