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     Do you feel that cleaning work at your enterprise is carried out using obsolete methods? Perhaps you are planning to purchase new cleaning equipment? Our experience shows that making decisions based on a trial-and-error method often lead to unnecessary expenses and unfulfilled expectations.

Over the last 13 years, we have developed hundreds of customised solutions for cleaning in various areas of business. We constantly evaluate the efficiency and experience of implementation of new technologies for our customers and partners, including:

• XXX customers in the CIS countries and Europe

• The Affiliate supermarket network, which has more than 100 sales outlets all over the Baltic States

• The Affiliate cleaning company, which has a staff of over 500 people and serves more than 150 facilities in the Baltic States

 We are ready to share our experience with you and help you make good decisions about arranging cleaning at your enterprise.

 During the consultation our experts will:

• perform an audit of your facilities

choose the best solutions for cleaning

choose equipment and chemicals for cleaning that are suitable for you

work out an estimate for the cost of maintaining of the facilities

• Offer and help to implement optimisation schemes for your staff’s working processes (so that every employee knows exactly where and how to perform his/her duties) and material costs (equipment for cleaning chemicals and consumer products)


Please send a brief description of the scope and objectives of your business in the field of cleaning - and we will contact you in order to discuss the terms and conditions of further cooperation.