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Cleanness is both a prime cause and a reflection of reputation, image and quality. We will think over all the details so that you always look your best.
We tested the product ourselves.
We tested the product ourselves. High quality at fair price Excellent solutions – excellent results

Why choose us?

70 сompanies from European and CIS countries choose to work with us. For more than 13 years we have justified the confidence of our clients; we offer only high-quality solutions that quickly pay for themselves. In order to achieve them we:

• Track all newly-designed products
• Test them in 100 supermarkets and 150 facilities in the Baltic States.
• Offer you only those products we use ourselves

We spend money so that you avoid excessive expenses and disappointment.

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Our company has been associated with cleaning products since the early 2000s.
Today we work in several areas:

• Selling cleaning equipment
• Selling consumables for cleaning equipnent
• Selling professional chemical products
• Equipment hire
• IT systems for cleaning management
• Organisation of cleaning for companies

We select individual solutions for each field – and each company.

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Cleaning equipment service is our task. We provide the following:

• Specialist on-site visits
• 24-hour service
• Tracking of tasks by means of monitoring system
• Equipment replacement
• Consultations on equipment upgrade

We organise our work in such a way that your own work does not have to stop – even for a minute.

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Maria Lukina
сlient manager

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