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Solutions for your business

     The name of our company has been instantly associated with products for cleaning and outdoor territories maintenance since the early 2000s. However, today the mission of the Technology Alliance is more than just selling cleaning equipment and professional chemical products. 

     We take a comprehensive approach to our work with you, and so we offer complex cleaning solutions , suitable for the tasks of your business.

Thanks to our 13 years of experience in the sphere of cleaning products and equipment sales, we have tested almost everything available on the world market. During this process we:

  • have ascertained that no chemical products exist that can make floors stay always  white without destroying their surfaces
  • have made sure that no cheap nanotechnologies to help save the floor surface exist 
  • have tried to work out why a cleansing vehicle made of a piece of plastic, 50 kg of metal and two accumulators, costs the same as an average car


But, alas, we still haven’t found the answer to this question. But, nonetheless, we have found really high-quality cleaning products and equipment, which can provide optimal results at a reasonable price. We will help you not to waste your money – believe us, we have done it for others like you.

Among our clients are companies from many different areas of business: from cleaning companies, hotels and restaurants to medical establishments, shops, building companies and industrial manufactures.

We want to help your business to be successful. Do you want to get a consultation about choosing cleaning equipment? Call us – we will help you!